Experience, expertise and global reach

We organise ​all seafreight traffic on a multi-carrier principle by using several carriers to optimise cost and time of transportation process. If you need to transport break bulks, heavy or oversized goods and size of your shipment barely fit to the container, we will ensure your our full container load (FCL) services with the highest quality.

We offer:

  • Door-to-door shipments —to all continents
  • Professional cargo handling
  • Dedicated FCL operational staff
  • Optimisation of your transportation cost and —competitive rates
  • Use of all types of shipping containers in line with customer´s needs and requirements

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Seafreight container specification

Seafreight standard containers

  • Standard 20´and 40´ dry container (DC) for general shipments - most frequently used
  • Standard 40´ high cube (HC) container for lightweight but bulk shipments

Seafreight special containers for temperature controlled goods

  • Reefer 20´ and 40´container for temperature controlled goods

Seafreight special containers for oversized goods

  • Open top container used for technological units, machines and equipment that can not be loaded through the door
  • Flat rack" container with an open top and side sections for oversized shipments and equipment that are loaded by crane