27.10.2017 | General Strike in Italy 30th and 31st of October

All the major Unions declared a General Strike for 30th and 31st of October due to the pending renewal of the National Contract for Logistics, Transport and Freight Forwarding.

We expect that the strike should affect mainly transportation but it could impact also terminal operations, gates, warehousing and general activities of forwarding.

It has also been announced a local strike in Genoa for the 2nd and 3rd of November extending the disruption to the whole week, since November 1st is a National Holiday.

6.6.2017 | Exceptions in operations due to Midsummer

On Friday 23rd of June our offices, warehouses and terminal are closed for Midsummer Eve. The few weeks prior Midsummer get usually very busy in terms of shipment volumes. Due to the upcoming holidays we kindly ask You to book your shipments as early as possible.

This long weekend affects especially overland imports where delays may occur during calendar week 26 after Midsummer.

More information from your Kuehne + Nagel contact person.

6.6.2017 | Challenges in the North European main ports

The ongoing operational challenges in the North European main ports (Bremerhaven, Rotterdam) have started to impact the schedule reliability of feeders to and from Finnish ports. In situation continues, it will inevitably impact also the empty equipment supply to feeder countries.

In Bremerhaven, the biggest challenge at the moment is congested terminal yards, at both NTB and MSC Gate, and this is slowing down operations significantly. At MSC Gate, there are also problems with gang availability, and because of this, vessels are operating 4-5 days late from pro forma schedules.

In Rotterdam, berthing space is fully utilized and even small delays to vessels will have a multiplicative effect on all vessel operations.

At Kuehne + Nagel we will do our utmost best to minimize any inconveniences to our customers. However, the situation is expected to remain challenging throughout the summer. Please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person if You wish to receive more information.

Source: Maersk Finland Oy

13.3.2017 | Exceptions in operations during Easter

This year Easter celebrations take place between 14th and 17th of April. Please note that all Kuehne + Nagel offices in Finland are closed during Easter.

Exceptions to our operations are listed below.


Last departures of part load and groupage shipments in both import and export will leave on Thursday 13th of April. Europe’s groupage terminals will be closed for Easter. Our operations will return to normal schedules on Tuesday 18th of April. Full trailer shipments are possible upon prior agreement.


The last LCL export departure before Easter will leave Finland on Thursday 13th of April. Booking closing for this departure is on Wednesday 12th of April by 10:00 o’clock. The LCL terminal will be closed for Easter.


Our offices are closed between 14th and 17th of April. Working over time is possible upon prior agreement. We will inform all possible flight delays and cancellations case-by-case.

3.3.2017 | Ocean freight update: Far East ocean vessel situation

The space situation in ocean vessels from North Europe to Far East has become more and more difficult over the past weeks and currently the situation is extremely challenging. The market has evolved so that now many carriers have completely stopped taking bookings in from North Europe to Far East until further notice. There are multiple reasons causing this situation, such as draft problems in Hamburg, increase in export volumes from Central Europe to Far East and effects of upcoming alliances.

The situation applies also for Middle East and Indian subcontinent due to Far East ocean vessels are used for both destinations. In order to control the situation carriers have closed ocean vessels for new bookings and moved cargo from one vessel to another. Some carriers have even declined to give any sailing schedules to Far East. Furthermore, carriers are issuing and applying peak season surcharges.

We are monitoring the situation closely and doing all in our power to secure our customers’ bookings and space.

23.2.2017 | Delays in UK due to severe weather conditions

Due to severe weather conditions, there are currently long delays for ferries especially from UK to Ireland and the Nordics. This has already impacted on Kuehne + Nagel UK's export departures from Wednesday night and is likely to continue through the weekend. There are also distribution delays in various parts of UK.

Please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person if You wish to receive more information.

20.2.2017 | Change in taxation in India

The Indian tax authorities have started to collect a 4,5% service tax from all prepaid ocean freight and freight additionals. The new fee came into effect on 22nd of January 2017.

Please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person if You wish to receive more information.

26.1.2017 | Difficult weather conditions in South East of France

South East of France is facing very bad weather conditions with snow alert and freezing rains. Many domestic linehauls could not reach their final depots last night and some delivery areas will not be reached today.

Please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person if You wish to receive more information.

23.1.2017 | Heavy snowfall in Spain

Last weekend's heavy snowfall has caused problems for overland traffic in the Southern and Eastern parts of Spain. Delays in pick-ups and deliveries might occur during this week.

5.1.2017 | Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is celebrated in China and few other countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore, from 28th of January onward. The festive season causes schedule changes in airfreight and seafreight.

Airfreight carriers will announce details of cancellations of passenger and freighter flights later but our customers should prepare for cancellations after the end of CW 4 (23rd - 29th Feb).  Cancellations will occur also during CW 5 and 6. Although freight capacity will most likely normalize after CW 6, we kindly ask our customers to book their shipments well in advance. This applies especially to shipments to and from China as well as shipments requiring freighter capacity.

Due the Chinese New Year Kuehne + Nagel’s airfreight offices in Asia will be closed accordingly:

  •     China:              27.1.-2.2.2017
  •     Hong Kong:    28.-31.1.2017
  •     Taiwan:            27.1.-1.2.2017

In seafreight the early timing of Chinese New Year has caused congestion in shippings in January from China and Far East in general. Seafreight carriers have announced cancellations of some vessel departures during CW 5 in order to adjust the need of capacity. According to received information from carriers some cancellations will occur also during CW 6.

At Kuehne + Nagel we will do our utmost best to minimize any inconveniences to our customers. Please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person if You wish to receive more information.