20.11.2018 | ”Yellow vest” movement impacts shipments in France

“Yellow vest” movement is related to a general dissatisfaction of the population, amplified by the increase of fuel prices recently. This movement impacts on strategic areas as a road blocks set up at petrol refineries and at strategic points on roads and motorways across the country.

We face clear difficulties to deliver the shipments that have arrived in our delivery depots. We will have delays but we are doing everything we can to lower the impacts of this protest.

More information, please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person.

30.10.2018 | The address of our Vantaa office will change from 19.11.2018

Our Vantaa office will move to Aviapolis from 19.11.2018.

Our new address is:

Oy Kuehne + Nagel Ltd
Karhumäenkuja 2
P.O. Box 45
01530 Vantaa

Please note the change of address and date of the move when you send us mail.

Tikkurilantie's warehouse will remain in its current location. A visit to the warehouse takes place via the Pakkala service road.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

15.10.2018 | Finnish Transport Workers Unions' overtime ban effects transports

Automotive and Transport Workers Union ATK's overtime ban between 8.10 - 28.10.2018 will affect shipping in October. At weekends stevedore workers do not handle units without drivers, trailers, machines, new cars or so on. For this reason there will be delays in unloading the vessels and departure cancellations, so delays are the expected in import and exported deliveries.

For more information, please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person.

9.10.2018 | Import controls for wood materials from Belarus and China

The European Commission has implemented a regulation where imported products originated from Belarus and China to EU will be placed under import control starting on 1st of October. The regulation applies to wooden packaging materials that support, carry or protect the shipment.

In order to speed up the process of customs declarations, there should be additional information if the shipment includes or not include wood or wooden packaging material.

For more information please contact at yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)tulli.fi

26.9.201 | Our customer service emails are updated with our air and sea departments

Our goal is to further improve our customer service and to make collaboration easier. As part of this change, we have simplified the Vantaa office's air and sea freight customer service email addresses so that you can reach us faster.

Our new email addresses will be launched on Thursday 27.9.

  • airfreight export  and import: knfi.airfreight@kuehne-nagel.com
  • seafreight export: knfi.seaexport@kuehne-nagel.com
  • seafreight import: knfi.seaimport@kuehne-nagel.com

We hope that with our new email addresses, we will be able to give you better and faster customer service.

Old emails are in use for the time being.

21.9.2018 | Customs has published a Brexit website

Customs has opened a website that deals with Brexit and its impact on customs clearance. The site will be updated with new information on the progress of negotiations when available. Customer bulletin will also be published on this topic, and the topic will also be discussed in the Customs Newsletter. You can visit the site, subscribe to newsletter and customer bulletin here.

On 29th of March 2017, the United Kingdom (UK) announced its intention to resign from the European Union. The withdrawal agreement and the transitional arrangements between the EU and the UK has been pushed since then for example about the free movement of goods. The deadline for the negotiations is on 29th of March 2019, and it is not yet certain that an agreement will be accomplished.

20.9.2018 | Strike at port of Antwerp Belgium

Please be informed that there is a strike ongoing in the port of Antwerp. All container activities, inland activities and barge traffic are down. Eight locks are blocked and pilots are in strike. This situation has an enormous impact on the whole traffic flow and will inevitably cause serious delays for the coming days.

13.9.2018 | Typhoon approaching Hong Kong

Typhoon Mangkhut moves quickly towards the coast of Guangdong and is approaching Hong Kong & South China area this weekend. Operations into and out of this area as well as local transportation will most probably be affected this coming weekend and early next week.

More information from your Kuehne + Nagel contact person.

11.9.2018 | Severe weather conditions affects transportation schedules

Challenging weather conditions makes it difficult for air and sea transportation in many parts of the world.

The typhoon Jebi causes traffic exceptions in Japan

Osaka Kansai Airport has been closed since on 5.9. as typhoon has caused flooding. Finnair does not fly to Osaka this week. Airlines operate their flights instead of Osaka to other Japanese airports, including Nagoya.

Kobe and Osaka's port terminals have also suffered from floods. Shipping companies have announced timetable changes in shipping. The shipments of Kobe and Osaka have been moved to other ports in Japan. This causes delays in shipping traffic in the area.

Hurricane Florence threatens to hit the eastern coast of the USA

Hurricane Florence is threatened to hit to the states of southern or northern Carolina on Thursday. The authorities of the area have declared a state of emergency. The hurricane may cause major problems with air, sea and land transportation on the eastern coast of the USA.

17.8.2018 | Challenging weather conditions affect transportation in Shanghai

The typhoon Rumbia arrived in Shanghai this morning and it's causing hard winds and heavy rains. This impacts to sea and air freight traffic.

The region has suffered from the challenging weather conditions recently, which has also led to terminal congestion. Our customers should be prepared for delays in shipping schedules.

16.8.2018 | Genoa's bridge accident affects port transportation

The collapsed bridge in Genoa, Italy, affects the road and rail transport of the region. The accident also makes it difficult to arrive in and out of the port of Genoa and to operate the port terminals.
There was also 24 hour long strike which started six am yesterday and finished six am this morning.
The overall impact can only be seen in the next few days.
For more information, please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person.

24.7.2018 | Changes in imports of Turkish A.TR and EUR.1 movement certificates

The electronically verified A.TR and EUR.1 movement certificates are missing  the signature of the Turkish authorities. However, the signature is required in order for the importer to qualify for the tariff preference. Importers must return an unverified certificate to the consignor of goods, who is responsible for acquire necessary signatures from the Turkish authorities, or a new, signed certificate. Importers may apply for correction once the adequate certificate has been obtained.

Signature is not required if the sender has been granted a self-certification right. Note, movement certificates on paper forms are still also verified during a transitional period until the end of 2018.

For more information, please contact yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)tulli.fi

18.7.2018 | Import VAT regulations has been updated

Finnish tax authorities have updated their import VAT regulations.

Please, read more in Finnish here.

9.7.2018 | Exceptions on Italian road transportation in August

July and August are the most common holiday season in Southern Europe. Due summer season it can cause delays in our road transportation. The biggest impact can be seen on August, when almost whole Italy is slowing down for the summer holidays. During this period, we do not transport shipments to or from Italy.

More details on the timetable

No pick-up or distribution take place in Italy during the weeks 33 and 34.

The last departures before the summer holiday leave

  • from Finland to Italy on Friday 27th of July
  • Italy to Finland on Friday 10th of August. (On the week 32, shipments only from Northern Italy are picked up)

The first departures after the summer holiday leave

  • from Finland to Italy on Friday 24th of August
  • Italy to Finland on Friday 31st of August.

During the summer season, we can organize separately arranged transportation to and from Italy. Please request a shipping offer from your own Kuehne + Nagel contact person.

9.7.2018 | The number of roads subject to German road toll has more than tripled

Starting on 1st of July 2018 Germany expanded roads subject to the heavy road traffic toll (MAUT) from 15,000 to 52,000 kilometers. In the future, the heavy duty traffic toll will be collected more widely on the motorways and smaller roads. This will have an impact mainly on the costs of pick-up and distributing of groupage shipments in Germany.

More information on the heavy road traffic toll can be found here.

29.6.2018 | New delivery process for pharma deliveries from 1st of July 2018

Finnair Cargo has refined its Pharma delivery process at Finnair Cargo COOL terminal at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport  due tighter IATA / CIEV standards for Pharma transmissions which have temperature requirements.

According to Finnair Cargo, the new takeover process will take effect on July 1st ,  2018. From this date on Pharma delivery temperature requirement will be required when delivering the cargo in heat-regulated vehicle and sealed, to the Finnair Cargo COOL Terminal. At the same time, Finnair Cargo checks that the temperature of the cargo space is within the limits required when the doors are opened. Finnair Cargo does not accept shipment for transport if the temperature is not within the required limits.

We ask our pharma-customers to contact their own Kuehne + Nagel contact person for further information.

19.6.2018 | Tax increases on products originating from the United States

On 14th of June 2018, the member countries of EU have agreed new balancing measures, which will appear as a rise in customs duties in certain US-based products. The commission approved the regulation and the tarrif starts on 22nd of June.

For more information please contact: yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at)tulli.fi

6.6.2018 | Exceptions in operations due to Midsummer

Our offices, warehouses and terminals will be closed on Midsummer Eve on Friday June 22nd.

The week before Midsummer might be congested in terms of shipment volumes. Therefore, we kindly ask You to book your shipments well in advance.

The last overland and part of airfreight export shipments will depart Finland on Thursday 21st  of June. Due to the long weekend, imports may be delayed on the week 26.

Export shipments in LCL and part of the airfreight shipments will depart Finland exceptionally on Thursday 21st of June. LCL export shipments to Thursday’s departure should be booked on Wednesday 20th at 10.00 am the latest.

For more information please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person.

4.6.2018 | The Brazilian customs' strike continues

The Brazilian customs has been partly on strike since last September 2017 and again from April. The strike which started on May 14. will continue till the middle of June based on the last information what we received.
During the strike, customs are interrupted or slowed down.

The customers should expect huge delays in deliveries especially when there are weight discrepancies and imcomplete or missing information. “RED CHANNELS” –clearences can not necessarily be passed through at all.

1.6.2018 | New regulations for inbound shipments to P.R. China

The Chinese Customs Authorities have announced strict enforcement of regulations for import carrier manifest that became effective from 1st of June, 2018.

This means that customers must have full details for shipper and consignee.


  • Shipper’s VAT number
  • Registration number of consignee: Unified Social Credit Indetifier Code (USCC ) or Organization Code (OC)
  • All parties’ (shipper, consignee and notify party) phone or fax number
  • Specific and correct description of goods (e.g. “welding machine”, not “machine”)

The customer should give the information to Kuehne + Nagel at the latest when booking the shipment. Failure to comply with these new regulations could result in rejection of the transported goods upon arrival and either destruction or return of the goods to origin.

We will keep our customer updated of possible changes regarding import regulations once Chinese Customs Authorities have clarified their instructions.

For more information please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person.

30.5.2018 | The strong increase in fuel price causes additional costs for sea transportation

The rapidly rising market price of crude oil has a significant impact on the world economy and it also affects international sea transportation.

In 2018 the price of crude oil has increased by approximately 30 percent and around 70 percent compared to the price in June 2017. As a result of increased costs, various shipping companies have announced they will implement an ‘Emergency Bunker Surcharge’ or equivalent as of 1 June 2018.

According to the information received, these additional surcharges are applied globally on all traffic lanes.

In this situation, Kuehne + Nagel reserves the right to charge Bunker Additional Surcharge on its own FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) services as from 1 June 2018.

For more information please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person.

23.5.2018 | Kouvola - Xian rail traffic: delays in departures

Increased interest toward rail transportation between China and Europe has caused congestion at Xian railway terminal. Due to the situation trains from Xian and Kouvola are leaving approximately one week after scheduled departure. The transit times of 14 days are not affected.

For more information please contact your Kuehne + Nagel contact person.


13.12.2017 | Strong capacity demand is causing delays in airfreight shipments

“Never seen” demand for air cargo space has caused heavy delays in transit times during the last few weeks. This difficult situation in air cargo market has been continuing already for some time and unfortunately there is no sign for any change in the near future.

Normally there is a high demand during traditional peak season from Far East to Europe and North America. This time most of the freight corridors are affected including trade lanes from Europe to Asia and South and North America.

The subject has been widely discussed in the international media including The Loadstar’s news ”A Christmas bonus for carriers as demand for air freight capacity 'goes crazy'”

Air cargo capacity does not meet the high demand

Especially the increased e-Commerce is a major reason for the high demand in the market. Also improved demand for investment goods and strong global economics have increased the demand for air cargo space. This situation has reflected with increased market rates when the capacity cannot meet the increased demand. Customers are willing to accept higher rates to secure their supply chain performance. We can say that air cargo dynamics has changed from the past’s overwhelming belly capacity to the current strong increase in air cargo demand.

The strong market growth has also a direct impact on air cargo handling capacity: handling times are longer at congested air cargo terminals and there are not enough hands and space to handle the increased volumes.
Furthermore there have been some strikes in Frankfurt and Sao Paulo airports that has caused additional delays.

Impact visible also in Finnish air cargo market

The same development can be seen now both in export and import to/from Finland: booking and transit times are longer since some of the intercontinental flights are already closed for bookings several weeks in advance. The cancellation of AirBridgeCargo B747 freighter flights to/from Helsinki and Christmas’ mail traffic are also having a negative impact on the space capacity.

Kuehne + Nagel will support our customers to secure their supply chain performance in this very critical market situation. We kindly ask our customers to arrange bookings in advance and to take into consideration this difficult air cargo market. Your contact person at Kuehne + Nagel is to assist you and will provide additional information.

27.10.2017 | General Strike in Italy 30th and 31st of October

All the major Unions declared a General Strike for 30th and 31st of October due to the pending renewal of the National Contract for Logistics, Transport and Freight Forwarding.

We expect that the strike should affect mainly transportation but it could impact also terminal operations, gates, warehousing and general activities of forwarding.

It has also been announced a local strike in Genoa for the 2nd and 3rd of November extending the disruption to the whole week, since November 1st is a National Holiday.