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Back Milica Boskovic’s career story: From Serbia to Finland

As an international company operating in over 100 countries, Kuehne+Nagel offers the opportunity for its employees to work abroad. Milica Boskovic from Serbia grabbed this opportunity and started working for Kuehne+Nagel in Finland.

Although having a Master’s Degree in Traffic and Transport Engineering, Milica has spent the last 6 years working with QSHE. She started her career path at Kuehne+Nagel Belgrad in 2014 as a part of the service center support team. After different roles and tasks she finally ended up as a part of the QSHE team in 2017.

QSHE stands for Quality, Safety & Health and Environment. At Kuehne+Nagel the purpose of QSHE team is to strengthen customer satisfaction by anchoring the best practices in daily routines, ensure that practices are in accordance with commitments and to increase transparency in the practices concerning quality, health & safety, environment and security.  

“QSHE is an important part of the organization. Persistency, honesty, confidence and attention to detail are the most important skills to have when working with QSHE. Our task is to make processes more efficient and to ensure that the entire organization is aware of the established practices and their benefits. We humans tend to stay in our comfort zone, therefore process improvement and development can often be seen as difficult and challenging.”

Even though process improvement can sometimes be quite challenging, Milica finds it to be motivating. Seeing the results of her work and improvements made are, according to Milica, truly rewarding.

Moving to Finland – a step into the unknown

In the summer of 2022 Milica decided to grab the opportunity to work abroad and came to Kuehne+Nagel Finland.

“Moving to Finland was a scary leap into the unknown. However, I thought this could be a good step for my career. Now I can say that it was the right choice.”

Milica has lived in Finland since August 2022 and has since worked as a part of Kuehne+Nagel Finland’s QSHE team. Nowadays, Milica takes part in internal audits and is supporting the implementation of HealthChain in Air Logistics. Every workday has so far been different.

Milica feels that she has gotten both support and responsibility from Kuehne+Nagel Finland and she has been able to implement several different projects in a short time. According to Milica, the support is particularly important in situations when a person works abroad. Feeling alone is often a very challenging part of moving abroad. The most visible difference between the Finnish and Serbian cultures, that Milica has noticed, is that Finns are more introverted than the Serbs. Milica claims to be herself very extroverted, so socializing and meeting new people have not been difficult even during the darkest months:

“I have to say that I was surprised how easy it was to meet new people from different nations and cultures. It has been amazing!”

The experience enabled both personal and professional growth

Finnish bureaucracy surprised Milica. But even though opening a bank account and getting a public transportation card caused some headaches, the move to Finland was the right choice:

“I don’t regret at all moving to Finland. I expected to learn a lot of new things related to work and how to communicate with different people. In less than a year I have grown so much. I have gotten to know myself much better and learned of my potential during this experience. I would like to thank the entire Kuehne+Nagel Finland organization for having me as a part of your team.”

Milica’s advice for anyone considering moving abroad:

“Take advantage of the opportunity and go work abroad at least once in your lifetime. You’ll get a chance to see how people live in other cultures and it will broaden your worldview. Traveling to other cultures can make you feel humble and grateful for what you already have. On the other hand, the experience may be empowering and make you want even more for yourself, as you realize that you can accomplish anything.”


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