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Back A leader in Gartner´s Magic Quadrant for 3PL Logistics in 2023

Yet again, we have sustained and even improved our position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Third Party Logistics, Worldwide, 2023. This year, while maintaining our previous year’s position as one of the most visionary leaders, we topped the list of those with the ability to execute.

Magic Quadrant for Third-Party Logistics, 2023, Worldwide

(Source: Gartner, May 2023)

Our strengths

Our go-to-market strategy was particularly well received, with Gartner praising our well-recognized global market presence with one of the most differentiated and highly specialized offerings to a wide range of industry verticals, and to customers ranging in size from start-ups to multinationals.

The ability to execute and deliver on our marketing was another point of difference, with Gartner highlighting our year-on-year sales and revenue growth resulting from acquisitions, organic growth, and a great depth and breadth in all 14 individual industry segments in which we operate.

Finally, Gartner focused on our overall viability with our deliberate and carefully considered approach to growth with investments to drive innovation and organic growth and acquisitions to address earlier gaps in our offerings.

There is always room for improvement

While singling us out as one of the leaders on both axes of the quadrant, Gartner highlighted certain areas to remain focused on.

Although Gartner recognised our strong customer-oriented culture and the significant improvement in our communication and issue resolution we have made, they cautioned that we need to maintain a high degree of flexibility, particularly when compared to smaller competitors.

They also thought we had the potential to be even more forthright as regards growth areas such as last-mile deliveries and returns. In the current market, with cost optimization a key concern for our customers, Gartner also advised us to be careful to maintain our premium service offerings.

We value both Gartner’s as well as our customers’ feedback as it allows us to continuously re-evaluate our capabilities, innovations, and offerings, with the customer and employee experience as one of the cornerstones of our Roadmap 2026. 

Our commitment

We are dedicated to collaborating with our customers to propel innovation and enhance customer service in the upcoming year, and to consistently uphold our position as a pioneering force in our industry.

I am pleased that Gartner has acknowledged our tireless efforts, inventive mindset, and strong commitment to meeting our customers' needs. The Roadmap 2026 and our Vision 2030 emphasises our commitment to provide an industry leading customer experience.

Stefan Paul, CEO