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Back Automotive logistics for finished vehicles

Expertise and safety for the transportation of your finished vehicles.

Safe, perfect and just brilliant! This is the golden rule for finished vehicle logistics. No matter the final destination: a race, a motor show, a photo-shoot or the garage of a customer receiving his brand new car.

To reach that expectation, you need genuine automotive enthusiasts. At Kuehne+Nagel, our specialized teams will assure control, protection and confidentiality 24/7 from door-to-door.

Our experts do not only understand the complexity of the automotive industry, but specifically the unique challenges that arise in the transport of finished vehicles. This is why every person involved is trained to fully comply with industry regulations, follow the standard procedures and quality check points of vehicle handling.

Partner with us and experience our service:

  • Rely on accredited and certified teams with presence in every automotive hot spot of the world 
  • Around the clock monitoring and full visibility of your cargo via online platforms 
  • Utmost confidentiality in prototype vehicle handling
  • Focus on your business performance, while we take care of the carrier management
  • Choose among our different service levels according to your needs

Kuehne+Nagel automotive specialists ensure that the vehicle will always arrive in perfect condition and if requested, fully hidden from view. How does the team achieve extra security and full confidentiality of the vehicle during transit? The answer lies in specially designed crating solutions. Watch the loading demonstration of one of such solutions - Vehicle Transportation Box and learn about the first-class service that the vehicle gets on its way to impress. 



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At Kuehne+Nagel, we care for your business and your customers. Contact our experts today to learn more about our finished vehicles solutions.

KN Finished Vehicle Logistics, the control and performance you demand.