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Takaisin Covid response service: Supply Chain 4PL

As the impacts of the coronavirus affect companies worldwide, rely on our cross-industry experience to fast-track your recovery.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected supply chains globally, across all industries and modes of transport. Organisations are working tirelessly to forecast future demand, enhance their business continuity plans and make their supply chains more resilient. Market guidance suggests many areas to focus on in order to recover, adapt and evolve in what is being dubbed the “new normal”.

However, at a time when manufacturing is restricted, logistics capacity is limited and resource availability is stretched to the limits, this is far from a straightforward objective to achieve. At Kuehne+Nagel, we support our customers to boost their recovery by optimising their supply chains. 

Customer challenges

Different industries will face different challenges on the journey back to normal. What is considered critical for a pharma and healthcare company may not be suitable for an aerospace or automotive company. By working with customers in multiple industries, we have identified the following challenge areas:

  • Resources: As economies recover, your goal is to restart and ramp up production. This can be limited by constrained capacity, capability gaps and a lack of appropriate resources.
  • Operations: Broken timelines create difficulties when forecasting demand, interpreting market data and limiting your ability to model how the “new normal” will look. Communication challenges with supply chain partners make it difficult to plan ahead and ensure that you have capacity when it’s needed most. 
  • Processes: You need to quickly adapt to new logistics requirements, in order to perform risk assessments and develop enhanced governance, business continuity plans and operating procedures.
  • Costs: Reducing your logistics spending is essential, due to the effects of the pandemic on your business. Savings initiatives, innovation and procurement projects can address your logistics budget gap. Improved processes and more automation will also reduce waste.

Supporting customers throughout the journey

By focusing on your short-, mid- and long-term objectives, we support your business by leveraging our capability, experience, technology and market presence. Your business will have our full support during the recovery phase, allowing you to respond faster and be more agile and resilient for the future (please click to enlarge).

Our service offering for you


  • Optimise your resources with agile capability deployment
  • Manage risk proactively by maintaining business continuity and service
  • Develop your partnerships, leverage your relationships and improve your capacity
  • Improve your planning and communications by leveraging data and enhancing visibility
  • Make better decisions by interpreting market intelligence
  • Identify savings initiatives, short-, mid -and long-term, with clear plan to deploy


  • Use scenario modelling to evaluate the impact of inventory, network, sourcing and localisation in the “new normal”
  • Increase supply chain resilience by building capabilities and developing roadmaps
  • Evaluate suppliers, benchmark their services and assess competitiveness
  • Increase your budget and cash flow by deploying continuous improvement initiatives 
  • Enhance forecasting and transport planning performance by leveraging data analytics


  • Ecosystem maturity strategy, outsourced model, leveraging capability and  digital network
  • Limit investments through increased automation, flexible model and established infrastructure
  • 4PL Control Tower model – Operations and value-driven management capability
  • Increase supply chain visibility, risk management, and cost control
  • Deploy scenario modelling strategy for your network, partners and supply base

Watch our webinar: "The evolution of supply chain best practice. What good looks like today." or download our whitepaper below.

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